Last Updated on April 20, 2020

Don’t just throw a link on your sidebar

Rolling Blogroll BadgeThis is the start of the Rolling Blogroll series, here, at Tips and Tricks. The idea came to me while reading some materials about the proper way to do affiliate marketing, techniques for improving affiliate programs performance, and stories about the best affiliate marketing blogs of 2006. One of the rules was to pre-sell the products on your page, so the customer is almost ready to buy when clicking the affiliate links. “Don’t just throw a link in your sidebar and expect customers to rush in!”

Blogrolls are just links on sidebars

Then I thought of my Blogroll. And of lots of blogrolls I see everyday, but I seldom follow any link there. Why? Because time is limited, nobody can have more than 24 hours in a day, and our attention is put at hard trial everyday.
So, if you appreciate a website and you’d like your friends and readers to visit it and enjoy it, don’t just throw a link on your blogroll! Write about it! Pre-sell it to your readers. The better it is, the happier they will be to discover it.

The Rolling Blogroll Idea

  • Every day, over the next few months, I will publish one review of a blog I like. It is free, and it does not oblige the authors of the reviewed blogs to anything. That’s my pleasure and my way of thanking them for the great content they provide.
  • If you like the review, you can grab the Rolling Blogroll Badge and put it on your site, with a link back to your blog’s review. The badge will be available on this page and on your blog’s review page.
  • Do you want to roll on the Blogroll? You are welcome: after I review your blog, please do the same thing for one of your favourite blogs: review it and explain the Rolling Blogroll idea to the author.

If you have a blog, and after a while you like what you see, and decide that you want to be reviewed at AllTipsAndTricks, you can either drop a comment here with a link to your blog (and if you catch my attention, you’ll get a free review), or order a review via Review Me. This blog is young, so a review costs only $60. This month, Review Me has a promotion: 50% cut off, if you use the coupon code “trial”. You can take advantage and get your $30 review now, or wait to read my Rolling Blogroll, then decide.