Last Updated on April 20, 2020

Brush cleaningWhat is the first word that crosses your mind when you hear “renovation”? How many of you thought of house renovation? Do you like it? I don’t know about others, but I feel so good in a renovated house! Even the process can be fun and rewarding sometimes.

But did you ever think to renovate your life? Give it a thought right now. Wouldn’t it be great to live a life with no hard feelings, or misery, a life of success and fulfillments, whatever this may mean to you? That’s another kind of renovation, and if you don’t know from where to start it, Craig Harper, motivational speaker, high performance coach and life renovator is out there to help you. This is how he introduces his blog, Renovate Your Life With Craig, to us:

“This site is a blog site, which is kind of like Craig’s classroom; random thoughts, observations and life lessons. It is an educational and inspirational resource for people who are serious about creating their best life. The cool thing about going to Craig’s class is; the only travel you have to do is on the cyber-highway … and the only school fees are ‘the price of creating your own amazing life.’ If you’re genuinely ready to change, and you want to move from mediocre to amazing, then pull up a seat, have an open mind, be prepared to get uncomfortable and start learning and doing.”

If you find “an hour (or three)” to see what’s this all about, you can discover that the best part of renovating your life is the process itself, you can find out what is the price of success, or you can learn about the incredible relationship between our mind and our body, and how happiness can create cures for our diseases.

I have a friend who always says that her life was only a chain of bad lucks, that she never had an opportunity, and other people and circumstances out there led her to misery. I was never able to find the right words to show her how wrong this kind of thinking is. I’m not saying the death of her father was her decision. Of course it wasn’t. But the reaction she had to this death was her choice. She has chosen to become a victim, so she behaves like one. There’s always our choice involved, and after reading Craig’s post about destiny or decisions, I found exactly the words I was looking for:

“I believe your life is a disaster largely because of the decisions you have and haven’t made, and the things you have and haven’t done.”

It’s about choices.

Joy's Life Diet

“If you decide to do different, think different, react different, eat different, live different and communicate different…. you’ll be different.”

If you are one of those people who started thousands of weight-loss diets and you still did not manage to have the body you desire, you might want to take some advice from an ex-fat boy, and find out about the psychology of weight loss. I don’t know how fat Craig was as a kid, but now he surely looks good (and he shows it on all pages of his blog)

Rolling Blogroll BadgeBriefly, Renovate your life with Craig is so real and so inspiring, that I urge you to make yourself some time and go through its articles. After that, it’s your decision if you go back to whatever you were doing, or you take some tools and start renovating your life. With or without Craig.

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