Better time use

All Tips and Tricks is nothing more than its name suggests: a collection of useful bits and pieces from various life areas such as technology, blogging, software, communication, marketing, self-help, home improvement, family and relationships.

My website has been launched in mid-2006 and soon it became quite popular, thanks to a series of our articles which proved to be valuable for my readers and which have been featured on some high-traffic websites. That brought in a lot of new readers, the effect got quickly amplified, so I soon found myself overwhelmed by a flood of comments and requests for new posts and tips.

All Tips and Tricks aims to help you improve your skills in small areas of your life which can make a big difference in saving you time. Time is the resource which makes all of us equal: nobody can have more than 24 hours in a day. It is up to each of us to discover and learn smart tips and tricks which will make us more productive, giving us the competitive edge of efficiency.

If it is true that we are as fast as our slowest component, then you would want to improve your skills in more than one field. For example, if you were using Microsoft Excel to make some statistics, wouldn’t you like to know how to write and use a macro, which could help you do in one hour the work of two days?

Or if you were a new blogger, wanting to make the most out of your blog, wouldn’t you like to have A Blogger’s Toolkit to show you where to start your journey?

All Tips And Tricks will help you become better at small things that matter.

If you are here for the first time, you can use the list of topics in the sidebar to get you started. Your comments are welcome.

August 2009 update: this site no longer accepts sponsorships for reviews with links that pass PR. All reviews will have the nofollow tag on the outgoing  links.