Last Updated on April 20, 2020

Rolling Blogroll BadgeWe all like to meet smart people, don’t we? I like smart people. They make me feel smart, too. Besides, I have a lot to learn from them.
How about people getting smarter everyday? This is the headline of a young and interesting blog: John Wesley’s Pick The Brain. Almost four months old, but already PR6 in Google, Pick the Brain is a thoughtful lecture covering a wide range of topics, from religion to happiness, from money to blogging, reading, productivity or science.

From the author’s page:

I also discovered my passion: becoming a more complete human being by studying life, questioning beliefs, constantly experimenting, and admiring the beauty of existence. Instead of reading about the latest news and trends that flutter in the breeze and disappear in a moment, I like to learn about the parts of life that have always and will always exist. The more I read and reflect, the more it seems like everything I’ve learned is interconnected. Besides being incredibly interesting, self-education has improved my life in numerous ways. Among others, it has improved my conversation, sharpened my cognitive ability, and enhanced my creativity.

Pick The Brain’s mission:

I created this site to learn from other people and share the things I’ve learned with them. I know not everyone thinks the way I do, but we can still benefit from exchanging ideas and perspectives. This site will highlight important ideas I have learned and how I apply them to my life.

If you don’t have a lot of time, just look on the sidebar: Best of Pick The Brain section contains the best informational and motivating articles, such as Learn to understand your own intelligence, Overcoming a loss of motivation, or Case study: How a headline made the difference between 100 and 5000 visits.
Although John is a bit sceptical about his blog being remarkable, there are lots of things to learn from the big white bear, so I invite you to read John Wesley’s blog and comment here what was your favourite post and why.

Good luck John, and keep on picking the brain. It sure works! You can take your badge and display it on your site.

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