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Dan and JenniferDid you know that lions can mate 100-200 times a day? This means about 4-8 times per hour. They do this without neglecting their other daily duties, such as hunting, eating or sleeping. What about humans? Well, although there are some (busted) rumors that men think of sex about once every 52 seconds, the frequency is much lower than in the lions’ case (not that we should aim to equal that!). Either we cannot find an appropriate date, or we are too shy to take the first step, or we are afraid of being rejected, or we are simply so stressed by our jobs and duties, that we neglect our partners.

What if you are in one of the above situations and you don’t have anybody to talk about it? Well, now you have. You can simply ask Dan and Jennifer. This young and open minded couple is running a blog about dating, relationships, love, and great sex.

Their slogan? Question everything!

A 50+% divorce rate should tell us that what we’re doing now is not working. As a society, we are evolving into a new era. Outdated views around relationships (what truly defines a relationship?), marriage (read “ownership” – you own your car, not your partner), and sex (sex is not bad, we are sexual beings and that’s OK) must to be revisited.
“Question Everything!” It’s time to start thinking for ourselves rather than simply regurgitating everything that been programmed into our heads since we were little children and blindly accepting our parents belief systems.

Their promise? Get your questions answered!

Their big promise is that you’ll get your questions answered, and they seem to keep it so far. Should you still need a proof before submitting your question, browse through Dan and Jennifer’s articles and discover which are the top 10 signs of a cheating man, or the top 10 signs of a cheating woman, or find out whether it is possible to love two men. For those who use online services, there is one good article teaching you how to spot a fake online profile. Sometimes Dan and Jennifer make use of video to explain their audience some dating tips and tricks, such as How to avoid the single biggest mistake most people make. Sometimes, they bring humor into the equation, giving you fun and creative date ideas.

Dan and Jennifer are conducting some research on their blog, with surprising results. Please find here an excerpt, and you can go to the poll source to see the periodical updates.

Here’s the breakdown as of 3/1/2007

• 35% of our readers (1060 votes) said that they would be willing to try swinging with the right group of people
• 20% of our readers (599 votes) said that monogamy is the only way to go
• 16% of our readers (492 votes) were strongly against it
• 16% of our readers (497 votes) are active in the swinger lifestyle and lovin’ it
• 13% of our readers (392 votes) said it’s not for them, but they don’t have a problem if someone else does it

What do you think your partner would have answered? Question everything!

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