Last Updated on April 20, 2020

Almost everybody, once in a lifetime, was tempted to go for psychic readings. Either for matters of love, or for matters of money, the attraction to take a look into the future is irresistible. Yet, this does not bring in the expected happiness, so here there are the 10 reasons why you should refrain from going for psychic readings:

  1. If the psychic tells you something bad is going to happen, you’ll have to live with that thought until the fatidic date passes.
  2. If the bad thing you found out from a psychic reading really happens, you’ll become really frightened that such forces exist amongst us.
  3. If you hear good news to come, you’ll relax, knowing that the good thing will happen. If you relax, then you won’t be able to spot the opportunity of that good thing when it comes, so it will never happen.
  4. You might become addicted to psychic readings and spend a small fortune on that.
  5. Knowing your future makes you want to change it, especially if it does not look as you expect. Then, instead of living your life and enjoying the present moments, you’ll focus on the non-existent yet future, trying to prevent things from happening.
  6. Supposing that psychic qualities really exist, how could you tell a fake psychic from a real one? You need to go for one session, to check, but if it proves right, then you fall under no 1 or no 3 above.
  7. Your friends will laugh behind you.
  8. Your spouse will try hard to make you confess what you heard at your psychic reading.
  9. If a colleague of your children saw you coming out from the psychic’s place, they would feel embarrassed.
  10. Eventually, everybody dies, so why bother with psychic readings?