Last Updated on April 20, 2020

Year 2006 is almost gone, and this blog celebrates its first 5 months of existence. It started on blogger, then moved to its own domain after a couple of weeks and some tens of posts. It survived one Fark, three StumbleUpon Buzz entries, and two Netscape front page entries. After the experience of a cheap webhosting, on poor servers, warned every week that it takes too much of the server’s resources, All Tips and Tricks moved from that small, local webhosting company to Dreamhost, a great place to host your sites. Besides, I got a promo code which gave me a good discount. For those of you who are interested in getting a hosting plan with Dreamhost, you can use the code ATT2007 to get a 50$ discount for one year plans, or 20$ discount for monthly plans.

This year’s objective was to reach 100,000 page views. The today’s figure is about 97,000, close enough, but still not there. Yet, there were so many lessons learnt, and I’m pretty sure 2007 will be much better, and I’ll see a viral growth of the traffic.

You can find below the most viewed articles list for 2006.

Many thanks to you, my readers, for the time spent on this blog. I hope you enjoyed the lecture as much as I enjoyed writing the articles. As part of my experiments, I posted several free articles from various sources, and I want to tell you that only one of them is in this top 10.

  1. 10 reasons why you shouldn’t go for psychic readings
  2. Browser shortcuts common to IE and Firefox
  3. The hidden face of Microsoft Excel
  4. How to use macros in Microsoft Excel
  5. The invisible web revealed
  6. The three problems of a modern woman
  7. Myers-Briggs personality types and relationship assessment
  8. How to get longlasting traffic for your blog
  9. Blood types and nutrition
  10. Stereograms and eyesight improvement

Enjoy the list and come back for more tips, tricks and stories in 2007!

A Happy New Year!