Last Updated on April 20, 2020

AchievementThe first part of the group writing project “My Best Blogging Achievement” has just ended. We’ve got nine entries, listed below in the order they arrived. Are they a lot? Are they a few? Taking into account that this blog has 270 feed subscribers, we come to a participation rate of 3%, which is similar to Problogger‘s group projects participation rate. But numbers don’t really matter. The most important was to see how our values and priorities match, and how the human factor has a big weight for all of us, when it comes to drawing the line and sum up our results.

I want to thank you all nine people for your great articles, and I invite you to read them all, and give your vote to the three of them you liked most (just make a short post on your blogs, and I’ll check them all out to count the votes). I kindly ask you to do this by December 15th, the latest. After that, I’ll publish the results, award the prizes and open up the champaigne, so we can celebrate and enjoy.

And now, the entries:

Wanna know my best blogging achievement? by Paul Lamach

Best blogging achievement by Vivien

Bragging Rights by Shelly

Learning, my best achievement in blogging by Tclian

Blog your way into history by Aaron Stroud

My best blogging achievement by Pearl

My greatest achievements by Yeepage

The Crux Of JobMob by Jacob

LGR Webmaster Blog Best Blogging Achievement by LGR

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