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Last month I’ve recorded what I consider being my best blogging achievement: I’ve persuaded my best friend to start a blog. It took me about 3-4 months until my arguments were enough to awaken her wish to have her own blog. Taking into consideration her extreme skepticism regarding lots of things, and her decision to do nothing for the rest of her life, the fact that she’s now writing 2-3 posts per day is unbelievable.
This led me to the idea of hosting this group writing project:

My Best Blogging Achievement

How to participate:

  1. Write an article about what you consider to be your best achievement in blogging, or related to blogging
  2. Submit it to the group project via this submission form and include your name (or nick name), the link to your post and the post title, no later than December 4th (your timezone)
  3. After the submissions stage ends, go through all submissions (I’ll publish the list on December 5th), choose your top three favorites (not ranked) and let me know about your choice, no later than December 15th (your timezone).

I will announce the winners within 1-2 days after that, and the prizes will be:

1st prize: $100

2nd prize: $50

3rd prize: $25

All prizes are payable via PayPal or Moneybookers.
Please send only new articles. Articles written before November 24th 2007 will not be taken into consideration.

Later edit: Thanks to Pelf, who was kind to raise this issue, I want to specify that only one article per blogger (not per blog) will be admitted in the project.

I’m looking forward to read about your biggest blogging achievements,