Last Updated on April 20, 2020

att logoDo you remember the feeling we had in childhood when our parents bought us new clothes? I surely felt good, I had the sensation that I was shining, that everybody should notice how cool I look in my new costume. I still remember one pair of white boots I was so proud of, that I almost bumped into people, because I was staring at my feet while walking.

Today I can’t take my eyes of my blog’s new clothes, and I have to tell you the story, plus I want to thank the people who made it possible.

All change needs a spark to ignite

In this case, the spark was a blog review I ordered from David of eXtra For Every Publisher, who was kind enough to write a full critique of this blog. I was surprised to find out that he saw such a big discrepancy between the content and the layout:

The site has been built in such a way that it doesn’t say “professional” despite the content being very professional in writing style and tone.

Then I saw a comment on the review, comment done by another blogger I like and I respect, Michael Martine, the Remarkablogger. He agreed that my layout has an “inappropriate header”! (I thought my previous header was cool, but when two people tell you you’re drunk, you should go to sleep 😉 )

If not that, it was David’s answer to Michael’s comment which made me go for a change:

They wanted an honest review, and I think their blog could be HUGE online if they would only work on their on-site advertisements and their design. Their content is amazing, and thus their blog should be too, and so it bummed me out that I had to be so harsh on them.

This was so cool that I made up my mind on the spot: this blog was run for more than one year with the sole purpose of experimenting all kind of things in blogging, SEO, internet marketing, affiliate programs… I never gave it too much attention, I was just happy to have a tool to play with.

Now my tool got a new hat, thanks to Moshin from BloggingBits, who fully understood my brief and did a wonderful job practically over night. If you need a professional logo for your blog, I warmly recommend you to consider Moshin as a potential candidate for the job.

Now I can leave my hat on. Do you?