Last Updated on April 20, 2020

One of the things which are never too fast is the computer speed. Everybody complains, there are a lot of programs that promise us help, but in reality, they have a very small influence, if any.
Yet, there are two things you can do in order to get rid of have the sensation of the computer moving a bit faster (I am not sure it gains some speed, but I feel like saving time by not viewing those annoying messages all the time):

1. Deactivate the suggestions given by Windows in the shape of yellow balloons

You already know those messages. You have seen them a hundred times before. They tell you that “Your local area connection is now connected” or other useful, well-known bit of info. To get rid of them, just do the following:
– click on Start, then press R to enter the run command
– type regedit in the small popup window that opened
– press Enter to execute the command
– to disable the messages for all users on the computer: double click on HKEY_LOCAL_MACHINE
– to disable messages only for your user, double click on HKEY_CURRENT_USER
– double click successively on Software, Microsoft, Windows, CurrentVersion, Explorer, Advanced
– right-click on an empty space in the lower part of the current window, then select New and DWORD value
– Type in: EnableBalloonTips and press Enter to confirm
Attention: make sure you use the upper and lower case exactly like that, otherwise it will not work
– Reboot your computer

2. Deactivate error reporting function

When you forcibly shut down an application, you get the message “Please tell Microsoft about this problem”, which you never do (at least, I never did it). If you don’t use it, you can deactivate the function like this:
– Press the keys “Windows” and Pause simultaneoulsy, in order to access System Properties.
– Click on Advanced, then on Send Error Report
– In the next window, check the option Disable error reporting, then uncheck But notify me when critical errors occur
– Click OK to close all open windows

You are ready. If you feel that your computer moves a bit faster, or if you know other useful tricks, please leave a comment here for all of us to improve our learning.

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