Last Updated on April 20, 2020

How many times did we hear that taking a break would make one see things more clear?

I, at least, heard that too many times, but never had any desire to try it. Until last month, when I decided to take a break not only from writing and reading blogs, but also from thinking at any online stuff.
The less active you are, and the less you interact with the exterior, the more chances you have to listen to yourself, to bring your deepest wishes from the subconscious to your conscious mind.

Conclusions? Lessons? Hopes? Resolutions for 2008? A bit of everything. And the biggest of all:

Never go to sleep with unspoken things on your mind

In 2007, I’ve witnessed so many deaths:

  • my best friend from childhood – age 38
  • one of the best professors and business partners I’ve had – age 60
  • one the best creative directors I’ve worked with – age 35
  • my mother in law – age 65
  • my godmother
  • my last grandfather (passed away at 102 years old!)
  • two of my favorite Romanian actors – around 60 years of age.

Leaving aside the actors, I had unspoken things for all other people on this sad list.

Every now and then I was thinking “I’m going to call my friend tomorrow, because…”. There was always a “because” which made me actually never make those phone calls.

By postponing to tell people things you want them to hear from you, you may find yourself one day with all those words condamned to stay in your head forever, as the ears they were meant for were no longer available to hear.

If there was some form of afterlife, perhaps they know by now what I never got the chance to tell them, but those phrases and dropped intentions are still haunting my brain every now and then.

  • Do you have something to say? Say it now, before it is too late. Tell people how much you appreciate them. Tell them you love them now. Sometimes, even for a 30 years old person tomorrow may never come.
  • Have you read a blog post which you’d like to add a comment to? Do it now, don’t leave it for later.
  • Have you discovered a great blog? Write about it, contact the author, make friends, make conversation, subscribe to its feed. Now, not tomorrow.

I read in many places that most of the people don’t use feed readers, they eventually subscribe by email. I was doing the same, until I ended up with some 20,000 unopened items in my inbox (I know, I subscribe to a lot of blogs). So, two days ago, I forced myself to use Google Reader (where I also had subscribed to all those blogs, but never opened it again to actually read my subscriptions). The result? I just love it! RSS just makes subscribing and reading information so easy, that one could save at least one hour every day by not checking lots of blogs which were not updated, only to find out that there’s nothing new to read.

This is what I’m going to do now: I’m going to give a big virtual hug to all the online people who meant a lot for me in 2007. May the New Year bring you passion and creativity, love, inspiration, determination and power to keep on pursuing your goals (and also lots of diggs, sphinns, stumbles, reddits…).

Who are these people? Well, if you are now reading this, you are one of them. I personally thank you for taking time to visit my blog, and if you are not sure I’m also visiting yours, please leave a note somewhere here, on any of my posts. I’ll appreciate that.