Last Updated on April 20, 2020

Thinking bloggerThis blog has been awarded the Thinking Blogger Award, by Mihaela from Pamil Vision’s Ewritings. I’m very much honoured.
As instructed by the author of this meme, The Thinking Blog, now it is my turn to pass it on to 5 blogs that make me think. It was a difficult choice, as I seldom think, but here there are, my 5 recommendations if you feel the need to think:

The Reasoner. Written by Bes Zain, this blog is an analysis of reason. Finding out the reasons for the insanity in the universe is definitely a very ambitious goal. The questions raised in almost every post of The Reasoner can determine you to see another face of things, can make you think “out of the box” and push the limits of your creativity. For some, blog is a life. For Ronalfy, life is a blog and he is writing it together with his readers, in a brave attempt of delaying the inevitable (whatever the inevitable may be).

InspirationBit. Not only a bit, but millions of bits of inspiration and creativity, offered to us by Vivien, in packs of 8 at a time, as we know the bits use to “travel”. As all serious rules, this also had its exception: a bunch of inspiration bits decided to travel in a pack of 37 and they were right to do that.

Finding Your Marbles. This informative and friendly handbook for people suffering from mental illness (as the author, Scott, describes it himself) makes me think deeper to my understanding of people’s reactions. There’s no need to know if you have a mental illness or not, but you could recognize yourself in some stories there, which gives me the idea that we may all be a little bit insane.

These are my choices for The Thinking Blogger Award.

If you question my counting skills, I know there are only 4 awards. I’ll just keep the 5th for the first new blog I discover and makes me think. I told you I don’t think that much!