Last Updated on April 20, 2020

The Reader Appreciation ProjectI’m so proud to be the first guest author for The Reader Appreciation Project, that I have to tell you what’s this all about. As you figured out from the name, it’s all about the readers. Although very young, The Reader Appreciation Project has gained some authority and loyal readers already. This is normal, if we think that readers are the reasons for which the blogs exist. Should you be concerned with your readers’ happiness, go and see for yourself how to put your readers in the spotlight, or discover some tips that may help you increase your readership or get rid of the blogger anxiety.

Make sure you don’t miss the plugins section, as your blog can benefit a lot. Did you know that you can make it possible for your commenters to edit their comments?

The Reader Appreciation Project is brought to you by Bes Zain (The Reasoner) and Ronald Huereca (Ronalfy). They make a great team together, so don’t miss the chance to see them in action. Go to the Readers Appreciation Project, and if you don’t have time to read a lot, please subscribe to the feed. Your readers may be grateful to you for that.