Last Updated on April 20, 2020

Special May 2012 update: Memorial Day comes with 50% off for many ZAGG products, so now it’s the best time to buy those accessories you always wanted but didn’t quite afford. Click on the banner below to go to the discount page:

ZAGGmate - best iPad accessory By the time I wrote the article about must-have iPad accessories the ZAGGmate was not released yet. That’s the only reason why it’s not on my list. I’ll tell you briefly what this is all about, but if you’re interested in more details you should check a few ZAGGmate reviews.

ZAGGmate is an iPad case and at the same time a stand and a bluetooth keyboard. Well, there are two versions of the ZAGGmate: with or without a keyboard. The price difference between the two is only $30, so if you always wanted an external keyboard for your iPad but didn’t feel like giving up on portability, this is the best accessory your money can buy. It’s true I’ve read a couple reviews of people complaining about the rough edges of ZAGGmate or about the fact that you need to use a pin or a toothpick to press the bluetooth button on the keyboard. Nonetheless, even those people ended up by saying ZAGGmate is awesome, it’s a must-have accessory for those of you who enjoy typing faster.

If you want to secure your ZAGGmate, you can follow my previous link to the ZAGGmate review to see how you can order yours. It could be a great gift, don’t you think so?