Last Updated on April 20, 2020

What are you cooking these days?

Cooking recipesThis is a question I’ve heard so many times from all my cooking friends. We exchange ideas and recipes, and sometimes we invite each other to a delicious meal, so we can prove our kitchen talents. I like to cook and to share cooking tips and experiences, but I never thought that I might start a cooking blog.

2010 update: if I didn’t think of starting one cooking blog, how about a whole network of healthy eating recipes websites?

However, I managed to involve my best friend, Ella, into this blogging stuff (remember, this is how I’ve got the idea of this group writing project), so recently she launched JoinThem!, a blog where she gives us her best recipes, and her best travel tips. She didn’t travel too much, so there are only a few tips for travellers to Paris so far, but she has cooked a lot, so the blog focuses mostly on cooking. And believe me, I’ve been eating a lot of great stuff at Ella’s: my favourites are by far this delicious vegetarian dish recipe (which we call “ghiveci” in Romanian) and the stuffed vegetable marrows, which can make you eat until you cannot move anymore.

While doing some research for Ella’s blog, I was amazed to discover how many great blogs about food and cooking recipes exist. For example, Simply Recipes is simply mouth watering, the turkey tacos with cranberries salsa made me reconsider the use I give to meat leftovers, and the cranberry relish recipe reminded me of childhood.

JoinThem! is updated once a day, so if you want to get fresh cooking ideas, please consider subscribing to Ella’s feed, or, if you want her recipes delivered directly in your inbox, Subscribe to Join Them! by Email. I know at least one of you who will be happy to subscribe (do I hear you, Bes?) as he is a real gourmand. Comments are welcome and highly appreciated (JoinThem! is a Do-follow blog), you can ask Ella about any cooking-related details, and be sure she will be glad to share with you her kitchen secrets.