Last Updated on April 20, 2020

You know, and you probably use sometimes the saying “shit happens”. Generally speaking, this is true: we all have our bad luck days from time to time, which we get over, thinking of all good things that happen to us.

Have you ever had a glimpse of thought that shit may actually be the rule?

Small Tour In The Past

December 17th, 1989. Place: Opera Square, Timisoara, Romania

December 21st, 1989. Place: University Square, Bucharest, Romania

It’s Revolution time. We want to get rid of communists, we want to shatter the iron wall which has been raised between us and USA or Western Europe. We dream to live in a world of communication, in a world where everybody speaks honestly and open, in a world of dialogue. Our parents raised us with this dream in mind, that we need to break free. We grew up with America in mind, hoping that one day we would be free like Americans are.
People died for a dream. They died for transparency. What we admired in the Western civilization was transparency. Not money. Not knowledge. Just transparency, and dialogue, and the horizon of a life where things are said loud and clear, not whispered at the corners.

Back To Present Again, Where Shit Is The New Rule

At almost 20 years of distance, I applied to join the eBay Partners Network. My application was rejected and when I asked why and how can I change in order to comply with their rules, the answer was that the reason of my rejection is confidential, so they cannot tell it to me.

Is this the American democracy? Is this the American dream for which young people gave their lives 19 years ago?

I’m not accusing anybody. I don’t care how eBay Partners Network‘s managers run their business. It is their business, and this is good enough for me. But I expected a decent explanation from a giant company which exists in a giant democracy, where most of us are not accepted because we still have to learn how to communicate.

What else can I say? I’m happy I didn’t die at the Revolution. I’m happy that my grandmother is not with us anymore to see that her American dream was actually a nightmare. I’m sad for the eBay Partners Network employees, who are extremely polite and prompt in their answers.

Too bad that these are the only things their company’s policy allows.

What do you think? How would you feel if tomorrow you are fired and the boss informs you that he cannot tell you the reason because it’s confidential? I don’t know about you, but I just felt the need to go for my own business registration.