Last Updated on April 20, 2020

Creative cubesWhat is inspiration? It could be that volatile feeling that puts sparks of joy and creativity in our eyes. It could be that state of mind which makes us getting things started (as opposed to “focus”, which makes us getting things done). It could be children’s play, creating wonders out of a bunch of cubes. Or it could be half of the act of breathing. You decide.

What is the use of inspiration? Find out with Inspiration Bit, a very young but promising blog, with an inspirational touch that leads to knowledge:

“Knowledge comes from an inspiration – one bit at a time.”

Written by Vivien, Computer Science literate and mother, Inspiration Bit provides information about web design and development, art and photography, web 2.0, computer and internet tutorials, special websites reviews, and many more.

I often find myself scouring the internet looking for either answers to many questions I have or websites that inspire me, sites that I can learn from. On what topics you might ask – any topics that interest me, anything from web design to art and photography, from blogging to entrepreneurship, from programming to open source.

If knowledge came one bit at a time, inspiration travels in packs of 8 bits (or multiple of 8):
8 bits of colour inspirations brings to you some useful colour resources on the web
Get inspired by 8 bits of unique navigation provides you the occasion to see 8 websites highly creative in terms of navigation facilities
8 remarkable WordPress themes – Vivien’s choices of beauty and functionality

Some bits of humour come with the very explicit post about what digg can do with your website. If you don’t want to see your site going through that process, then you can try these 29 traffic generation tips that actually work.

Not monetized, the blog is very readable, clean and not cluttered, focusing on facilitating the readers the access to its best bits (aka Top posts) and to people keeping the dialogue bits alive (aka Top commenters).

Rolling Blogroll BadgeOriginal in both content and design, creative and thoughtful, Inspiration Bit brings a fresh perspective to internet communication in general, and to blogging in particular.
Thank you, Vivien, for the inspiration highway you are building for us, 8 bits at a time. I invite you to take your Rolling Blogroll badge and display it on your site.

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