Last Updated on April 20, 2020

FingersHave you ever thought what’s the part of yourself that you love most? Or what you could possibly do with, let’s say, your nose (except from breathing or sticking it into matters that are none of your business)?

For the newest ProBlogger group writing project, I’m going to share with you a top of my five fingers, ranked according to the functionalities they provide and their importance to myself.

5. The Index
This comes the last in top because:

  • pointing it towards somebody shows aggressiveness
  • it is not nice to use it to point towards anything (at least my mother tried hard to implement this belief in my mind)
  • it always stays in the knife’s way when you slice vegetables

4. The Small Finger

  • it has a distinct personality, raising each time you attempt to use all five fingers in a collective task
  • it never wants to fit inside a glove when you put it in a hurry
  • it can be used as a tool, provided that you let its nail to grow long

3. The Ring Finger

  • it is the first thing singles of the opposite sex check when they like you at a first glance
  • it allows the owner to display the love of her partner (don’t smile, I know some young ladies who do that proudly)
  • it makes the whole hand look better, when wearing nice rings

2. The Middle Finger

  • very useful when you don’t want to use words to show your disagreement to something (or at least my mother taught me that there are words a girl should never use; for those words, there is always the middle finger)

1. The Thumb

  • it is always in opposition to the others, for the benefit of the owner
  • it can take you up or down, with a simple twist of the wrist
  • if you use it on the StumbleUpon bar (the upright instance), you can share this article with a lot of people

What is your favorite and why?

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