Last Updated on April 20, 2020

A successful lawyer parks his brand new Lexus in front of his office. While he attempts to get out of the car, a truck passes by in high speed and smashes the car’s door. The lawyer calls 911 immediately, and within 5 minutes the police appears. Before the policeman had the chance to say one word, the lawyer started to yell that his car was brand new, that he bought it only yesterday, and now it’s ruined, it will never be like new again. As the lawyer loses his breath and stops talking, the policeman says:- I can’t believe how materialist you lawyers are. You are so concerned with your wealth that you forget the most important things in life.- How can you say that? asks the lawyer- Don’t you see that together with the door, the truck also smashed your left arm???

– Oh, my God!!! cries the lawyer. Where’s my Rolex????

There are a few categories of people who are susceptible to be the attack of all kind of jokes. Lawyers are one of them. We all hope they have a good sense of humor, otherwise it would be hard for them to enjoy Lawyers Jokes sections like the one in Reader’s Digest. Jokes are ranked by readers, and sorted descending by ranking.

Best of all, if you think you know a better joke than all those you’ll read in Reader’s Digest, you can submit it to the magazine via their online form. Your submission can be either a joke, or a funny true story, or a quote, and the only rule is to make it at maximum 100 words or 1000 characters. It is not a must that your joke is about lawyers.

If your joke is selected to be published in the printed edition of Reader’s Digest, you win a prize of $100-$300. Isn’t that appealing? This can be one more step to wealth creation from your side.

I think I’m going to submit one, maybe I’ll finally manage to double my monthly earnings from blogging ๐Ÿ˜‰