Wondering around on the net, I just discovered a new service provided by Google Labs. It is called Google Trends and it compares searches on different topics at your choice, over time, back from the beginning of 2004. It also displays a split by geographic regions. You can enter up to five topics, comma separated, and you’ll see the graphs overlapping. Google Trends includes also an informative section about how to use it.
Here you can see an example of a graph comparing two search words: tips and tricks. Conclusion: people search more for tips than for tricks and Philippines are the best of all. Splits by cities and by languages are also available.
Being part of Google Labs, it is still under development, yet overall, it is a funny toy for internet marketers to play with.

About the author

Violeta Matei is a freelance writer with a technical background. In the beginning of her working career, she had the opportunity to learn Microsoft Excel, Word and Powerpoint and to apply these learnings in her daily work. She even wrote two e-books on the most useful keyboard shortcuts in Excel and in Word. Since embracing an online career path, Violeta has been writing detailed guides on using and troubleshooting Windows, MS Office and WordPress and she started to learn photography. Since she works from home, she shares various tips and tricks that can help people improve their life and make their homes better.