Last Updated on April 20, 2020

I remember, when I was a child, I saw a group of boys torturing a cat. They seemed to have a great fun, while the poor kitten was thrown away from one of them to the other, hitting everything in its way (like bottles, walls, boxes…). Some other time, I saw two kids trying to kill a rat with stones. I see modern cartoons and computer games, and I can’t believe my eyes: people like destruction and blood on the walls.

This is like a wish of those who cannot create, to destroy creation, to destroy everything that stands out in front of their eyes. Why else, some lousy hackers destroyed my work and hacked my business website? Why did some other lousy hackers ruin the work of other nice people, by hacking BloggingZoom? Why would somebody take pride in destroying what we created? We invested energy, time and money in putting up and running those online businesses, only to see everything blown away by a stupid sleepless kid who wants to amaze his buddies?

I ‘m so pissed off that I almost lost my wish to put my site up again. I hope the BloggingZoom guys were not so demotivated, and that they will be back on track soon. At least Court hopes so, and I wish him success. I don’t know if writing about such idiots helps anybody, but maybe Court is right and our spreading the word will raise an alarm signal.

Later update: I didn’t want to say anything bad about competitors who may feel threatened and react in such a manner, but I cannot stop myself thinking that my site was hacked only when I finally managed to get on the first search engine results page for some keywords which defined my business, and Blogging Zoom was growing up exponentially, becoming a threat to other online businesses.

What do you think? Idiot kids or evil competitors?