Last Updated on October 13, 2023

Do you know what a macro is? Or how to make a MS Excel macro?

Have you ever made a macro? If you had, it means you use it frequently, this is why you made it, isn’t it? It must be boring though, every time you want to run it, to go to the main menu, to look for it, to select it, to click it. Check out my other article about macros in Excel to learn how to handle these functions.

Let’s suppose you already recorded your macro. If you want to access it instantly, there are two options available:

Option 1: define a shortcut keys combination for it.

  • Go to Tools – Macro – Macros
  • Select your macro
  • Go to Options, assign a shortcut key (type it in the small box under Ctrl), press OK
  • You are ready to run your macro by pressing Ctrl + key (where ‘key’ stands for the key you have previously defined)

Option 2: assign it to a custom button on your toolbar.

  • Go to Tools – Customize – Commands
  • In the Categories field, scroll down and select Macro
  • In the Commands field, click on Custom Button and drag it to the desired position on the menu bar.
  • Press Close
  • You’ll see now your button on the menu bar. Click on it.
  • You will be prompted to choose a macro to assign to it. Double click your desired macro and there you are!

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