Last Updated on April 20, 2020

I’m turning 40 today. Happy birthday to me.

Tip: if you open your inbox on your birthday morning, you’ll find “happy birthday” messages from all forums you are a member of. Too bad they come from a “no-response” address, so there’s no room for Thank You.

It’s strange. I don’t feel like being this age at all. My age counter stopped some years ago. Well, ageless or not, I’ve got a few treats for you, as it’s my birthday and I feel good. So, enjoy and let those beer gift baskets come my way ๐Ÿ˜‰

Get that 100 bucks from us

Until March 11th, you still have time to join our contest on EzMoneyOn.Net, which is not a real contest, as I understand this word, but rather a lottery and a way to reward three lucky readers with some goodies.

Help yourself to this free ebook

I’ve read a lot of opinions about the fact that bloggers shouldn’t give away ebooks which they didn’t write themselves. I don’t see what’s the point here: if I have an idea for an ebook, and then I discover somebody has already written that ebook, and that I have the chance to be able to offer it for free to my readers, why to reinvent the wheel?

Please don’t tell me that you make the presents for your friends yourself, rather than buying them. If you are my friend and you give me a book on my birthday, should I be sorry that you are not the author of that book?

I’ve always done things my way, so the gift which I haven’t created can be downloaded by subscribing to the EzMoneyOn.Net feed, either in a feed reader or by email – the download link is in the footer of each post. The ebook is about writing, and it will offer you some good insights in case you run a blog.

Get a free link for your blog is one of the latest projects Diana and I have started lately. It’s a free general directory we’ve launched less than one month ago, and which has already exceeded the 1000 accepted submissions threshold. If you want a link to your blog, just submit it here. Later update: this directory is not free anymore, but not expensive either.

Last but not least, enjoy this video featuring one of my all times favorite musicians, Leonard Cohen: