Last Updated on April 20, 2020

Nokia N95 Henry NeedleIn this world of gadgets, our need for big pockets is getting stronger everyday. Look at the Great Pockets online store, run by Henry Needle & Sons: they offer hand tailored pockets clothes for all occasions. If you are gadget addicted (and who isn’t nowadays?) this shop is definitely for you.

Great Pockets Nokia N95

Actually, Great Pockets is part of the launch campaign for Nokia N95. It is exceptionally well done, credible (I must admit I was fooled in the beginning), and funny. For a big laughter, don’t forget to check out the Great Pockets Exposed section, where you can see how people wearing Henry Needle’s clothes can cope with real life situation.

I discovered this great piece of advertising thanks to Jobsessive, a very good Romanian blog about design, branding, photography and media (it is in Romanian language, but please do check it out if you are a creative mind: many times, the images speak for themselves).