Last Updated on April 20, 2020

We hear more and more of Firefox gaining market share on the browsers market. We know that it has less bugs than other browsers, we know that it is very convenient and user-friendly, we know that it is quite fast. What we don’t know, at least I did not know until yesterday, is that Firefox fully deserves its name: it is a true fox, which stole all my bookmarks and passwords.

This is the story: yesterday, after I opened Firefox, a message came across telling me that it was an important update for Firefox and I should install it right away. So said and done: I press OK, it installs and asks me to restart the browser. After I restarted, I immediately noticed that all my bookmarks were gone forever!!! I still am upset with that, because I don’t have enough time and I’m definitely not in the mood to redo manually all those bookmarks I had.

I would have appreciated so much a warning that the precious update would take away those bookmarks, leaving me with the choice of installing later, after I figured out a way of exporting or saving them.

Too bad, Firefox behaves like a fox!

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