Last Updated on April 20, 2020

Allergic diseases affect millions of people, all over the world. Only in Germany, there are 30 millions allergic people, the total population being of 90 millions. Hundreds of tests are performed for each patient, in order to determine the cause of their allergies: bacteria, fungus, dust, pollen, or many others, and allergy medicine is a huge worldwide market.
Prof. Dr. John Ionescu, originating from Romania, runs his own clinic, Spezialklinik Neukirchen, in Germany, where he lives today. He developed a new method of allergy treatment, based on naturist principles, and supported by yoga, individual and group discussions with psychologists, and a healthy diet. In the first stage, he measures the quantity of toxins in his patients’ bodies, through metabolic, energetic, nutrition or immunologic investigations.

Dr. John Ionescu says that toxins are an important trigger in allergic diseases, and such toxins enter our bodies via metallic dental works, metallic cooking pots or cutlery, because such items free metallic ions which enter the “patient’s circuit”. He advises that we should prepare our food in glass or ceramic pots.

For instance, he says that chronic intestinal infections can trigger bad breath, and even allergies, because they disturb the normal immune reaction of the body. “The treatment requires a special test to determine the sensibility of the intestinal fungus, and it can also include intestinal lavage, in order to eliminate the pathogen flora (which causes the infection).”

Patients have to continue the diet at home, and they need to relax, because it is known that the stress can worsen allergic reactions.

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John Ionescu, Ph.D., graduated in biochemistry and immunology and also holds a Ph.D. in medical biochemistry. His main research areas include the atopic diseases, psoriasis, arthritis and MCS-syndrome. His original diagnostic and therapeutic approaches and concepts have been reported in more than 100 scientific publications in Germany, Europe and the USA. Since 1986, he has been Medical Director of the special Neukirchen Clinic, near Munich, where he treats allergic and degenerative diseases, according to the principles of nutritional and environmental medicine. His current research involves the investigation of biological redox systems and free radical reactions in the skin. And that was the subject of his lecture which was entitled; ‘The impact of the free radical theory of aging on skin and potential therapies.’