Last Updated on April 20, 2020

Bandai bubble wrap toy

What do you do about your compulsions? Do you supress them, or do you let them flow and feel better, while driving crazy all people around you? Well, if you don’t do anything, there are people who study them closely, trying to understand and to fulfill human needs. One such need, very amusing and addictive, is to pop little plastic bubbles from bubble wrap. I can’t wait to get a new gadget, so I can pop a little bit, to the desperation of my family.

With the new infinite bubble wrap toy, PuchiPuchi, you’ll be able to pop bubbles until boredom, because they never end. Besides, you can do it everywhere, and have fun. Every 100 “pops” will give you a random sound including “door chime”, “barking dog”, “sexy voice”, a “fart” noise, and more! As an added bonus, among every 1000 pieces is a “puchi lucky” toy with a heart-shaped bubble.

Why PuchiPuchi? Because this is the Japanese word for the sound of popping bubbles.

Produced by Bandai, the PuchiPuchi virtual bubble wrap toy can be pre-ordered for $59.00 a pack of five, in different colors: black, white, orange, blue, and pink.
The toy is operated by two LR41 batteries (included), weights 25g and it will be in stock on Monday 29 October, 2007. Until then, Bandai would take pre-orders from compulsive people like me and you.

So, would you PuchiPuchi?