Last Updated on April 20, 2020

I’ve just launched a new blog and a new invitation for all of you to help me. I’ll let you know how, in a moment.

First, despite the fact that my new blog is somehow connected with internet marketing, it is a poetry blog. Every reader can be an author. I’m only starting the poems, and you are invited to write the next line in the comments. Then, another reader adds a line to yours, and so on, until the poem is complete. Then I publish it in the Dirty Blue Widgets Archive section and I start a new one. My intention is to write a poem a day, but I’m aware that it may be slower in the beginning, as not many readers have yet discovered the Dirty Blue Widgets poetry jam sessions.

The idea came when I was thinking how to approach my participation in an SEO competition. I wanted to make it fun. Then I remembered how I was about to be expelled from school in the 6th grade, because of a poem I’ve written about two of our teachers. They didn’t seem to appreciate my talent. Too bad! The poem had about 20 pages and I’ve written it during several weeks – I was adding new lines every day. Everything was so cool, until my desk colleague thought her mother would like the poem and she showed it to her. That lady liked it so much, that she asked the teachers to keep her daughter away from me.

Too bad I never got my poem back.

What are these dirty blue widgets anyway

Nevertheless, I’m now back to my poetic habits and challenge all of you to bring your contribution to the Dirty Blue Widgets poetry jam, and to spread the word about it. The SEO contest will end on January 20th. Any promotion from you is welcome. If you are passionate about SEO and you wish to join it, please check the previous link. Briefly, the contest is open to all members of The Affiliate Academy, so you’ll have to join in and stay a member for the whole contest duration. There are lots of things to learn in there, so I guess you won’t be sorry for joining. It is not free, but if you are really passionate about internet marketing, you can see a return of your investment pretty soon.

Thank you. I’m looking forward to see your contributions in the poems ๐Ÿ˜‰