Last Updated on April 20, 2020

Blogger expelled from schoolI just found out via Pamil Visions EWritings, a very informative online public relations blog, that a 16 years old blogger was expelled from his school because of some of the articles he published on his blog. The blogger, Ariel Constantinof, blogs about that (Romanian language), with a shade of humor: after being expelled and sent home by the school board of directors, the school exit guardian (nea Vasile) did not allow him to get out! That happened on April 18th. Meanwhile, from Ariel’s posts it seems that they re-admitted him in that school (after he was invited to speak at several national radio stations), in which he had been learning for about 8 years, being a very good student in all this time.

Ariel seems very passionate about blogging, his site is about 9 months old and more than 500 posts already (with tons of comments). He is also generous, setting blogs for some of his friends as subdomains of his blog.

Do you know other similar stories of bloggers affected in their offline life by the things they write online?