Last Updated on April 20, 2020

A research done by Technorati showed that every second, 2 new blogs are born. Blogs are very easy to set up and use, no special programming knowledge being required. To have a blog (or more), to post daily or even several times per day has become so familiar for so many people, that now there is a dedicated search service for blogs. It is Google Blogsearch and it is still in beta.

Google Blogsearch allows filters on last update, on a time interval at your choice or on the language.

Some of the returned results have references: for instance, if that blog was submitted to a social networking site, that link appears in the references (although I played a bit around with this and not all submissions were listed there). Some submissions to blog carnivals are also listed.

As it is a beta version, probably it will get improved in time and it will become a very useful tool for building links, making it much easier to find the most suitable blogs to link to or to exchange links with. Another cool thing is that you can check your keywords and see how you stand amongst others.

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