Last Updated on April 20, 2020

Google Labs has recently launched a new test service, Google Music Trends, which has a huge development potential, due, amongst others, to the fact that it offers an interesting feature: it returns a list of sites that publish the songs lyrics. As you probably noticed, songs lyrics are very popular keywords, so this feature can bring in tons of traffic.
The home page hosts the top songs of the week, with markers for recorded change of the position in the top. Click on any of the items and you’ll get a search bar on the next page. A search by your favourite artist returns a list of all his albums, provides links to online music stores where you can buy those albums and reviews (if available). A click on one of the albums brings in the list of all tracks and links to song lyrics sites where you can find the desired song’s lyrics.
There is also the possibility to buy only one song, to see all versions of a song, to discuss the artist or to see the latest news about him, thanks to the “related links” box and to Google News.