Last Updated on April 20, 2020

I’ve been tagged by Vivien, at InspirationBit (don’t tell me you don’t read it! are you living under a rock on Mars, or what?), to give you my 8 bits of blog emotions: 5 things I enjoy + 3 things I hate.

The 5 things I enjoy in blogging:

1. Checking statistics. Don’t laugh, I have charts and spreadsheets to monitor my monthly progress, I have planned the traffic (I’m a little bit behind schedule here, you could tell your friends to start reading this blog before it’s too late), I know how much money I am going to make until the end of this year, and I know what I’m going to spend it on.

2. Seeing my pages on the first results page in Google, for so many keywords. This was the initial intention with All Tips And Tricks: to be found in SERPs. I had no idea at that time that there are other ways people can find you on the net. How did you find me, by the way?

3. My readers. When I first discovered Feedburner, and I found out that you can know how many loyal readers you have, I could not believe my eyes: I had 16 readers. That was the day I gave up writing with researched keywords and I started to pay more attention to my articles (thus, I never got the chance to write about mesothelioma lawyers and make money, $70 at a time).

4. Blogging-generated dreams. Yes, I dream a lot and I remember my dreams. I’ll share one with you: in that dream, I was going to the Elite Retreat, and I was supposed to share the room with Wendy, the artisan. She gave me a welcome present: a very nice pajamas (I appreciated that, because I had forgotten mine at home). Then someone killed one of the main speakers (I believe it was Shoemoney, or Darren Rowse), and we were like in an Agatha Christie novel, wondering who the killer might have been. I suspected John Chow (he branded himself so well, that for me he is top of mind when I think of evil) . Seth Godin was assuring me that John is clean, because they were having a drink together during the time of the crime. I don’t know to this day if John was the murderer, because I woke up too soon. Enough with the dreams, let’s move on!

5. Writing. If only I could write as fast as I think! I like to write, and I like to read what I wrote. I feel good when the article is ready, when I find a nice, representative picture to use with it, and when I do the final corrections. This must be a “left over” from my short happy life as a magazines publisher.

The 3 things I hate in blogging:

1. We are all equal in front of time. Then why can’t I be many of myself? Have you read Luigi Pirandello’s “One, No One and 100,000“? I’d like to be 100,000 of myselves, living 100,000 overlapped lives. I’m so sorry for my other blog, Questallia, which was based on a great idea, and which was supposed to be my serious side of blogging. I had to put it on hold, because I don’t have resources to promote more than one blog at a time (especially that I have to mobilize myself and find some clients before I run out of everything).

2. If you have a great idea, don’t Google it; just write about it! Otherwise, you’ll find out that all interesting topics have already been tackled. There are so many great writers on the web, that if you dare to Google your favorites, you’ll end up in misery, with no subjects for your stories.

3. The A bloggers list. You’ll say now, that’s because I’m not in it. Fair enough. How about the blogging advices we encounter on many of those blogs? Let’s take one: “comment on other blogs! keep the conversation going!” How many A bloggers did you see commenting on your blog? Or even on other A bloggers blogs? Is it true that one hand’s fingers are enough to count them? Here’s a bet I announce now: if I’ll ever see one comment from an A blogger here, I’ll write for him 100 articles for free, on topics at his/her choice (the only string attached here is the author cassette to be published with the articles).


“A Blogger” = Technorati Top 100 (counting by the number of links, not favorites)

“Article” = more than 400 words, at least one picture, organized in a meaningful manner, with the purpose to produce a coherent image about a given topic in the readers’ minds (and eventually, some diggs, slashdots, reddits or similar).

What if all 100 A bloggers leave a comment on my blog? I’ll have to write 10,000 articles! By the time I finish, I’ll become an encyclopedia, don’t you think so?

Back to reality again, I now tag Shaun Carter and StartUp Princess to tell us their 5+3 emotions of blogging.