Last Updated on April 20, 2020

Apple iPhone 4 case programDid you know that you can get an iPhone 4 case for free?

If you purchase an iPhone 4 before September 30, 2010, you are eligible to receive an iPhone 4 Bumper or a select third-party case from Apple at no charge.

This is a quote from Apple’s website. While it’s not clear whether or not they accepted they’ve got an issue with the signal quality of the new iPhone 4, they took advantage of this and tried to turn it into their favor by giving away Bumper cases or other cases from Apple to people who apply. Other cases, like the iPhone 4 cases I’ve listed here are not part of the program, but it’s still good, perhaps you’ll find something you like at Apple’s. Applications are handled via an iPhone app which you can download from the App Store. You need to sign in with your Apple ID or iTunes Store account, then you’ll be prompted to choose your desired case.

There are some terms and conditions on this, so you might want to read more about it on Apple’s website.