Since the new iPhone 4 has become available, many of the people I know focused their interest towards accessories such as iPhone 4 cases, protection screens and car chargers. As it happens in such situations, people want to know if they can reuse the accessories they got for their old iPhone. One thing is obvious: old iPhone cases won’t fit the new iPhone 4 because of its different shape and size. The same applies to protective or decorative skins, which are disposable anyway, so you need to replace them in case they get damaged or you don’t like them anymore.

Although I don’t have an iPhone 4 yet, I shopped around to see what’s available in terms of cases and protection skins. Since I spent quite a while putting together my iPhone 4 accessories shopping list, I thought to share it here and invite you to add to it in the comments section. If you want to add links, please do it in the Website box, not in the comment body. Let’s build the biggest resource for Apple iPhone fans!

ZAGG InvisibleSHIELD iPhone 4 Protection

You don’t have to see it to know your iPhone 4 is safe. This military grade protective film has self healing properties, thus being better than most ordinary screen protectors. The ZAGG invisibleSHIELD screen protection comes with lifetime replacement warranty and with 45 day money back guarantee. ZAGG is the leader in protective films for personal electronics, with more than 7 million such films sold to date. Depending on your wish, you can choose full iPhone 4 body protection or screen coverage only. I’ve started my list with this anti-scratch protector because it’s a small detail that can make a huge difference. Anybody who ever irreversibly scratched a personal gadget knows what I’m talking about.

iPhone 4 Firenze Case from Case Mate

Firenze iPhone 4 CaseThe premium leather with small perforations gives this case an exquisite look and feel. The tab closure is fancy and secure, so you can have both design and functionality under the same umbrella. The Firenze case is not available yet, according to Case Mate, but I’ll let you know when you can get one if you’re interested. The case is going to cost $49.99.

iPhone 4 Carbon Fiber Case Holster Combo

iPhone 4 Carbon Fiber CaseThis is another interesting Case Mate item which is soon to be available for the same price as Firenze, namely $49.99. It’s made from the finest Italian leather featuring a sleek carbon fiber holster. The leather is wrapped around an extremely resistant shell which will offer solid protection for your iPhone. This case is an excellent choice for travelers. I think I’m going to buy one for my round the world trip if I get an iPhone 4 by then.

iPhone 4 Artist Series Original Cases

iPhone 4 artist series caseGreat news from Case Mate, soon everybody will be able to either design a custom iPhone 4 case or choose from a multitude of works of artists such as Anthony Yankovic, Shadow Chen, Chuck Anderson, Joshua Davis, Matt Moore and many more. The manufacturer hasn’t uploaded any photos on their website yet, but we are keeping an eye on them and we are going to update this list once we get to see the new pictures.

iPhone 4 Barely There Cases

iPhone 4 Barely There CasesIf you really love the look of your iPhone 4, you can get one of these cases. They are very slim, yet durable and impact resistant. They cover the back and the corners of the phone, leaving the Apple logo on the back visible. It’s like a stealth case and it comes with screen protection included.

iPhone 4 ID Credit Card Case

iPhone 4 ID Credit Card CaseUltra slim and elegant, this iPhone 4 case will also host your credit cards, business cards and some cash, so you’ll have everything you need in one single place. It offers free access to all iPhone 4 ports and it comes with a free protective screen included. Once more, Case Mate proved creativity in their work.

iPhone 4 Medley Case

iPhone 4 Medley CaseThis case is a combination of TPU and polycarbonate, thus being gentle with your iPhone 4, yet extremely protective. The pattern texture looks nice. The case costs $34.99 and it is available in black, purple or pink. I like it, but I think I prefer a leather case instead.

iPhone 4 Gelli Cases

iPhone 4 Gelli CasesFun and protective, Gelli cases are quite familiar for iPad owners, as they are available in that size and shape as well. This form fitting case is light and soft, impact and scratch resistant, so it’s one of the best cheap iPhone 4 cases available. It’s only $19.99 and it comes in a few color versions such as tomato, teal blue, pink, clear, gray and aurora. Awesome looks, great protection, access to all ports, what else would an iPhone 4 owner want from such a case?

Eco-Runner iPhone 4 Armband

iPhone 4 Armband - MarwareThis armband case is made from environmentally friendly Eco-Prene, a material which has the same properties like neoprene while being way less toxic. It is stretchable, so you can adjust it to the diameter of your arm. The case features a screen protection which allows normal phone usage. Eco-Runner is made by Marware and it’s perfect for active people who enjoy jogging but can’t spend a minute away from their iPhone.

C.E.O. Premiere iPhone 4 Case

iPhone 4 CEO Premiere CasePremium leather, slim belt clip, low profile, Velcro closure, all these can be found in the new C.E.O. Premiere case from Marware, for only $34.99. A case that has no magnets in it, therefore it won’t interfere with the antenna of your iPhone. Its design is clever, it allows easy push-through removal of the phone.

iLuv Fusion Dual Layer Case with Stand

iLuv iPhone 4 Case and standThis is going to be a great case when it will become available. It looks good and it can be used as a stand as well, so if you want to watch videos on your iPhone 4, you don’t have to hold it in your hand. This dual layer case with stand will cost $34.99.

iLuv Dream Soft Coated TPU Case

iLuv Dream Soft Coated iPhone 4 CasesThis is a cute case, which I suppose will be very appealing to younger people (such as children, should their parents buy them an iPhone 4). It’s going to cost $29.99. The manufacturer gives no clue as when it will become available.

This is all for now. If you want to see more, Case Mate has a wider range of cases. I’ve chosen only the ones I liked most. I think that iFrogz is also up to something. They make such awesome cases for other gadgets such as iPad, iPod and older iPhones, so I don’t have any doubt that they are going to offer iPhone 4 cases pretty soon.

Stay tuned, I’m updating this page continuously, so I hope in a couple of months to have the biggest collection of cases for my readers to choose from. I also want to tell you that this is only the first article in a series about iPhone 4 accessories. I intend to cover also headphones, microphones, chargers, speakers, video-out accessories and many others.