Last Updated on April 20, 2020

P-MateSince quite a while ago, women struggled for the right of being equal to men. A Danish woman took the fight further and imagined the supreme freedom women missed so far: the freedom to pee standing up! Her invention, called P-Mate is extremely simple, and very easy to use (at least this is what they claim). It is basically a sort of plasticized cardboard funnel. You place the entrance of the funnel directly under your urethra, between your legs, pee into it and be careful not to point its tip above your shoes.

Instructions for use (excerpt from the Female Freedom website):

1.P-Mate 12.P-Mate 23. P-Mate 3 4. P-Mate 4(words are useless)

There are a lot of product benefits listed on the P-Mate website:

  • The P-Mate is a revolutionary way for women to pee discreetly without having to pull down their pants and squat.
  • The P-Mate allows women to pee standing up.
  • The P-Mate is the most amazing female urinary device.
  • The P-Mate gives women the freedom to pee like men.
  • The P-Mate is clean and hygienic.
  • The P-Mate is covered with a 4-leaf clover design as it is good luck to have one with you when you are in need.
  • The P-Mate does NOT get all wet and soggy after use. You can easily slip it back into a pocket or bag for later disposal if you are outdoors where there is no garbage can.

The 4-leaf clover design is definitely the best reason to buy some P-Mates and try to be free like a man.

Easy, convenient and sanitary, the P-Mate is all women still needed to behave like men in every situation (although I will probably never understand why men don’t sit when they pee: it’s much more convenient, you can relax and there is no way to aim your shoes or the toilet cover).

Hey, girls, what do you think? Would you buy this product?