Last Updated on April 20, 2020

AdSense Earnings And Charity DonationsI don’t know how many AdSense publishers are also members of the Inside AdSense Google Group, or how many of them read the Inside AdSense blog. In one of their latest posts, the AdSense guys reinforce their policy regarding encouraging clicks:

“Generally, visitors should only click on Google ads if they’re interested in the services being advertised. Encouraging them to click on your Google ads, either directly or indirectly, can lead to inflated advertiser costs — and can cause an account to be disabled.”

In the latest “Policy Thursday” post of the Inside AdSense Google Group, the AdSense team makes it clear that letting your readers know that part of your income goes to charity is forbidden by Google AdSense TOS.

“While we do appreciate your charitable efforts, this practice is not permitted by our program policies. We want users to click on ads because they are interested in the products or services offered by the advertiser, not because they are interested in supporting a site or a charity. Using this type of language can draw undue attention to the ads, and we aren’t able to verify whether earnings are actually donated to the third-party mentioned on each site. As a result, we don’t allow publishers to offer these types of incentives.”

This does not mean that you cannot use your earnings in any way you wish. It is just that you are not allowed to manipulate your readers’ emotions in such a manner.

I think that some bloggers will have to check and adjust some of their past posts in order to comply with the AdSense TOS, in the light of the new specifications.