Last Updated on April 20, 2020

While everybody is more or less concerned with his/her own health, some of us are really turning into health freaks, making people around get nervous about the subject. You’ll find below the 25 signs that might make you think you are becoming a health freak:

1. You start mixing your coffee, tea, horlicks, etc – in a shaker.
2. You try to order a protein shake at the cafe.
3. You warm up for 15 mins before you go to bed with your partner.
4. You try to exorcise the 6-pack of beer you have in the fridge.
5. You carry your own low-calorie sweetener in your pocket at all times.
6. A trip to the mall is never complete without visiting a sports/GNC outlet.
7. You wear your gym shoes to the office/work.
8. More than half your clothes are from NIKE/ADIDAS.
9. You remember the names of all the Personal Trainers at your gym.
10. Your heart skips a beat everytime you enter a pharmacy.
11. Your lunch bears a strange resemblance to rabbit food.
12. You’ve watched the entire series of Rocky movies again and again.
13. You know the phone number of your gym by heart.
14. Your shop for groceries more often than your partner. And she’s the woman.
15. At McDonalds, you remove the meat, squeeze out the oil with the help of some serviettes, place the meat back into the burger, and then eat it.
16. You know more about vitamins than the staff at the pharmacy.
17. A part of your home smells like a pharmacy.
18. You forget what white bread tastes like.
19. You’re subscribed to at least ONE health-related mailing list on the web.
20. You’re reading this right now. ๐Ÿ˜›
21. You look forward to your workouts much more than a night out with friends – at a club filled with hot, sweaty women/men (depending on your preference).
22. Your dog always seems more tired than you after you take it for a walk.
23. You check every single day to see if she has updated her site or not.
24. You visit EGOnutritions every other day to see whats on offer.. only to realise that they only update their site once in every 2 weeks. Sometimes longer!
25. You are subscribed to my email update.

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