Last Updated on April 20, 2020

Jack PCDid you ever think you’d go crazy because of all the wires coming out of your computer, and spreading all over the place? Well, then maybe you didn’t meet Jack PC, the fully managed computer that perfectly fits in your wall socket.
Integrated into a standard LAN jack, Jack PC is operating in a Server-Based-Computing environment. The existing enterprise LAN jacks can be quickly converted into fully-operational computers without installing additional cabling. Jack PC is fully and remotely managed and it comes in three models, with a wide range of accessories available. The Jack-PC thin client computers come with a fully managed Windows XP-compatible desktop interface.

This tiny computer is developed by Chip PC, an Israeli enterprise and it offers important advantages to IT managers, due to its convenient features.
The computer module is secured inside the wall and behind the faceplate, lessening exposure to damage, disconnection, or theft.

Jack PC Highlights

• Minimize installation space and wiring – just connect the display, the keyboard and the mouse.
• Highest physical security desktop – it locks into the housing.
• No exposed /removable components.
• World’s first desktop computer to be powered by standard Power over Ethernet – powered by POE (IEEE 802.3 af) port. Just like IP telephony: no need for power supply and wiring.
• Lowest heat and power consumption – only 5W.
• Most flexible and highest performance thin client in the market today. Resident Citrix ® ICA ® , Microsoft RDP, local browser IE 6 and 50 other plug-ins for local applications.
• Remote management operated by Xcalibur Global systems. Location memory feature for accurate location pinpointing. 100% remote configuration – now as part of AD-Managed with policies just like PCs.
• Part of Flex Jack system – variety of compatible modules can be inserted into the same infrastructure housings: blank cover, LAN jack, LAN switch.
Source: Chip PC Technologies website

About Chip PC

Chip PC is an innovative developer and manufacturer of complete thin client solutions. Chip PC is focused on enabling server-based-computing technologies to replace traditional PCs and to deploy and control large numbers of workstations.

The company develops, sells, and licenses complete server-based-computing solutions.
In the US market, Chip PC products are marketed through Dell and distributed by Ingram Micro, the largest global provider of technology products.