Last Updated on April 20, 2020

Top Google Rankings are hard to obtain and even harder to preserve. In case of very competitive keywords it may take years to get to top search positions (if you ever manage to get there). Search marketing is for sure a very tough trade, but leaving aside its “dark zones” it can be very motivating and interesting. Of course, SEO has its boring side of trying to get all those relevant links from article marketing activities and link exchanges, but the reward of seeing your pages up in the SERPs and the money that may follow is motivating enough to keep on going.

For people like me, who are new to this field, there is some good information available on internet (like this SEO glossary published by Apogee Search), but I have the feeling that the best pieces of info will never be disclosed. However, you can always outsource search marketing to specialist firms. It may seem expensive, but if you think that a SEO job well done will bring you free traffic to your site, which will convert in leads or in sales, thus generating you profits, hiring SEO specialists can be in the benefit of your business. Not to mention that there are PPC secrets which can take you ages to discover, so why shouldn’t you put your PPC campaigns in the hands of experts? I can give you one simple example: for more than one year, I’ve been seeing in search results that some ads there match perfectly my search terms. At first I as amused when I saw that I can buy cockroaches from some well-known online stores. It took me long to realize that those stores were using the {keyword} tag in their ad copy, displaying whatever the person typed in the search box.

In case you are not sure if you need help, you can ask for a free SEM analysis of your website, and then decide what you should do next.

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