Last Updated on April 20, 2020

It is unbelievable what people can do to themselves online these days. Chances are that either last Christmas, or the one before, you came across a funny Flash application called Elf Yourself, which allowed you to “lend” your face to a little, amusing, dancing elf. Or maybe you are publishing yourself every day, by writing a blog about your life experiences, about your thoughts or about your community. Or maybe you are making a fool out of yourself (there are so many ways you can do that online!).

Wondering around the net, I discovered that you can also poster yourself. do you want to know how to do it?

There is an online application, called Glogster, which enables people to build their own virtual posters, the so-called “Glogs”, making use of images, video and music. You don’t even need to register yourself in order to be able to build and publish a glog.

Glogster welcome page

Building a glog is very easy, the interface is quite fast and user friendly. There are lots of predefined tools (such as frames for photos) which will help you be creative. You can upload your materials (like photos, videos or music) and use them only when needed, the rest of them being stored in your personal library. All you need is to put your imagination at work and create outstanding state-of-the-art posters of yourself, or of your friends, or of anything that can cross your mind. Just take a look at this glog of a broken heart – it impressed me very much and I really hope that person won’t follow her thoughts and feelings through the end.

Browsing through the glogs can become addictive. This actually happened to me: I looked at a few of them, then I wanted to see one more, then another one… and I found myself spending about one hour on this site.

The glogs are categorized and tagged, so browsing them by topic is easy to do. They also have a ranking system: visitors can give stars to your glogs (from 1 to 5). The more stars a glog gets, the higher it will be displayed on the respective category page. If you think that there’s no proper community without a ranking system in place, actually Glogster has one: you can see the list of gloggers ranked by rating.

However, rating is not possible for anonymous users. Should you decide to join Glogster, you will see that it is more than an online posters collection. It is a social networking site, where you can add friends, you can communicate with your friends, you can send them glogs which you think to be worth sharing. There is also a “shout” feature, which you can use to alert your friends about new glogs you want them to see.

Glogster is new, it is currently in Beta stage, but I think it has a lot of potential to become one of the key social networking sites pretty soon. The owners seem to be working on this: all Glogster members can enter the competition for one of the 100 iPods. The prizes will not be randomly assigned, but they will be awarded to the top 100 Glogger members, who collected the most G points. The G points can be collected by sending glogs to your friends, or by inviting people to join Glogster.

Although it seems that Glogster is addressed to people seeking entertainment, communication and socializing, I believe it can also be used to promote businesses, especially if they belong to the entertainment field.