Last Updated on April 20, 2020

What is this? One of those jokes we used to tell when we were kids? Not at all. The world’s most high-tech urinal and Internet’s biggest Google whores are two of the posts that made a blog famous. Any of you could have written those posts, but out of all bloggers, their author was John Chow, whose blog is definitely worth to be closely watched by those of you who have something to do with earning money online.

The strongest point of John Chow Dot Com is that it goes deeper than regurgitating hot news from various sources, by asking the news makers for details, so you can be sure that its version of the news will contain unique content.

Did AGLOCO launch? Not only he wrote 10 posts about it, but he published his interview with one of the founders, clarifying the issue of whether or not the Viewbar contains spyware (it does not, so you can sign up without worrying; in case you don’t know what I’m talking about, you can check this out).

Besides the blog’s content which is well written and focused, the links provided are high-quality, leading to other useful sites.

A few days ago, John Chow launched a challenge for bloggers to review his blog, promising them a free linkback. The contest is still open, so those of you who want to enter, can do it. Out of all entries, one will be awarded with a MiniTV USB. John has already gotten 42 reviews and I assume he is going to get more than 100 until the end of December, despite the fact that his Google pagerank is zero (yes, sometimes popularity beats pagerank, and I’m glad to see that).

I took this challenge out of curiosity: I am eager to see the impact of a link from John Chow Dot Com to this blog.

Then I’ll blog about that.