Last Updated on April 20, 2020

No matter your line of business, in today’s world, it’s very important that you have an online presence. This is to say you need a website for yourself or for your business. From a plumber, electrician, and author to a casino, for instance,, having an online presence is of utmost significance, however, it’s not just about having a website, and it’s also about having that website recognisable by others. If no one can see your website, then it’s probably worthless to have one in the first place. There are some ways that you can use to make more people know about your website and subsequently visit it to know more about the services you offer.

Get Social

In today’s world, potential customers know about a new product or service not from visiting each site per se but from seeing ads and links on social media platforms. The first place that most internet users go to when they pick up their devices is social media whether Twitter, Facebook, Instagram, Google+, LinkedIn, and Pinterest among others. It is therefore imperative that you target your potential customers by meeting them at the place where they congregate. You and/or your business need to have a social media presence that is robust and if possible that’s available on most social media platforms.

Need for irresistible headlines

Whether you are a content producer or someone who just wants to advertise the services he offers, it’s important that when you update your site or post new content, that you create irresistible headlines which will attract the interest of the reader and/or potential client. Once the reader is moved by the headline, the odds are s/he will proceed to visit the site.

On-page SEO

On-page SEO may seem outdated to many but it still plays a huge part when it comes to generating more traffic to your website. You need to effectively utilise on-page SEO, for instance, making use of image alt text, Meta descriptions, and creating internal links to new content.

Schema microdata

It’s also very important that you implement schema microdata or any other microdata for that matter. On its own, schema microdata does not lead to the generation of more traffic to your site. However, it does much in helping search engines to find your website and index it. This will make your website appear higher in search results and in turn, helps to improve traffic generation.

Email marketing

The power of email marketing cannot be underestimated. Studies have shown that sites which manage to reach more people via email marketing tend to generate more traffic. This is because the people who receive snippets of what’s coming next on your website or who read the headlines will follow that by visiting the site to read the full details.

Create a responsive site

Most internet users of nowadays prefer using their mobile devices than using PCs. This means when creating your website, you need to develop one that is responsive to both PC and mobile if you want to catch both PC and mobile users.