Are you ready for this Halloween yet? If you aren’t, you should hurry up with the preparations, get your costumes, find the decorations, invite your friends and expect to have a lot of fun. We don’t have this celebration in our country, but I’ve set up a Halloween online shop for those who do. Browsing the shop, I found a cool girl costume which I want to show you:

Asian Princess Costume

This beautiful princess comes straight from the Orient in this absolutely stunning costume. This design is spectacular & authentic in appearance in this classic Asian-style Kimono dress. This one features traditional style Kimon with a floral print, pink Obi & pretty headpiece.

Baby Costumes Are The Cutest of All

These are absolutely gorgeous, and for the first time in my life I was sorry for two things: that I don’t have a toddler and that I don’t celebrate Halloween. See it for yourself, because it is also valid for the Easter bunny costume ideas:

Spider-Man Infant Costume

Tinkerbell Infant Costume 12-18 mo.

Lil’ Penguin Infant Costume

Lil’ Elephant Infant Costume

Star Wars Yoda Infant Costume 6-12 mo

White Angel Infant Costume

Bunny Infant Costume

Little Frog Prince Infant Costume

Catarina Infant Costume

Polar Bear Infant

Dragon Infant Costume

Billion Dollar Baby Infant Costume