Last Updated on April 20, 2020

DealDotCom internet marketing bargainsI don’t know about others, but I love bargains. I’m famous for buying even stuff I don’t need, if I can get it at highly discounted prices. However, it is much better when I can buy things that I really need, at best deals. I’ve just been invited to join a new website which is currently in the pre-launch stage, so there is no other way to see what’s in, than grabbing an invitation from a member. DealDotCom is the name of this place which will offer you a discounted product every day. As stated on the DealDotCom presentation page, the discounted products belong in the internet marketing and online business category.

When can we get those bargains?

The official launch of DealDotCom will take place on September 18th. Until then, everybody is welcome to join for free, hoping to grab some really nice offers, when they will become available. After that date, each day, one single product will be available for members to buy at a very very low price (at least this is what the guys at DealDotCom promise).

Spread the word and get goodies for life

Best of all, your free membership entitles you to earn 35% of DealDotCom’s profit for every item that people invited by you buy. If someone you referred to DealDotCom refers someone else, you get paid 15% of DealDotCom’s profit every time they buy something for the rest of your life (if Internet crashes earlier, that’s it!). Payments will be monthly and they will be possible via PayPal or check (at your choice).

If you got to read this far, this is your prize: grab your special invitation to DealDotCom and start spreading the news in the last two days before the launch.