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For a long time, I was skeptical about email marketing. Building a list and bombing those people with messages seemed a wrong thing to do, although I’ve seen many internet marketers endorsing this method. Since Google became chaotic, sending me traffic for the wrong keywords while ignoring the relevant ones, I realized the need of a contacts list. Yesterday, after launching my first Kindle book, I felt sad for not having built a loyal audience for my Microsoft Excel tips and tricks. Those people would have been perfect to download my book while it’s still free and give me feedback. Some of them would have probably bought it. If they liked it, they would have told their peers. Anyway, it’s never too late to start, so I’m going to be more careful with keeping in touch with those of you who are interested. For now, you can only subscribe to my articles by using the subscription box in the right sidebar. For the future, I intend to publish a monthly newsletter. In order to make it easier, I think I’ll have to either code a program to build the mailing list and broadcast the newsletters or to use a provider of email marketing services. As I’m not the best programmer ever, I might just go for the second option.

I have some experience with Aweber and MailChimp. I liked both of them, but yesterday I discovered another one which seems interesting: iContact. What I liked about them was the Message Coder (TM), a function which allows converting HTML layouts into email messages. This is awesome because I can customize my newsletters exactly the way I want instead of using some ready-made templates. Another thing I liked was their pricing policy. For up to 250 subscribers you can get the service for $10 a month. If at some point you exceed that number, you jump on the next bigger plan and so on. I like it that you don’t have to pay for unused resources like in other cases of email marketing providers.

Do you have any experience with email marketing? Can you recommend your favorite provider? My plan is to setup this website and my travel blog with newsletters by the end of October and I’d like to know as much as possible before choosing a service or another.