Last Updated on April 20, 2020

Wonder 1:

I wonder why people associate working from home with being always available for them?

Wonder 2:

I wonder why people see working from home as a good pretext for lazyness?

Wonder 3:

I wonder why that sink is always full of dishes, although I wash them many times a day?

Wonder 4:

I wonder why last winter’s clothes don’t fit me anymore? (Hint: this relates to Wonder 3)

Wonder 5:

I wonder why the more I learn, the less I know?

Wonder 6:

I wonder where do days go so quickly?

Wonder 7:

I wonder why I didn’t take this step earlier?

Do you have a work from home friend?

work from homeIf you do, please don’t abuse your friendship. Don’t expect your friend to be happy to spend three hours every day on the phone with you, don’t ask her to visit you every other day, just because she can. If a working from home person has three friends like you, she will have to work at night, because she just gave her days to her best friends and her evenings to her family.

Working from home is about self-discipline, which can be so fragile sometimes, that even an innocent phone call can blow it away.

Four such innocent calls this morning, and a tough schedule for tomorrow made me think of these 7 wonders of working from home. Can you find some more?
In case you still wonder why am I not chasing away these friends, it’s simply because I love them. And I can always choose not to pick up the phone ๐Ÿ˜‰