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When I started this site, I barely had an idea about what blogging was. My intention was to share some useful tips which would make life a bit easier, then see if anybody would be interested in what I wrote. I never thought a blog was also about dialog, about readers that leave comments on the articles, about real people who might even become friends at a point in time. Less than one year after I started the blog, I received the first inquiries for guest blogging from several readers who, like me, wanted to help others by sharing useful life tips they knew. So, we started to write for each others blogs and soon we discovered that all of us gained even more readers and saw more comments on our articles. Guest blogging is good, in the way that it allows you reach people who otherwise would hardly find your blog ever.

If you want to submit an article for All Tips and Tricks, here are the rules:

  • Your article should be written solely for being published here. You promise not to publish it elsewhere, not even on your blog. You’ll still get full credit for being the author, but I don’t want duplicate content on this website, so please don’t send me articles that you want to publish elsewhere, even if you wrote them yourself. If you want your readers to know about your article, you can simply link to it from your blog instead of publishing it again.
  • Accepted topics: basically anything that solves a problem goes. Take a look at our categories to make yourself an idea about what kind of articles our readers enjoy to see. If you are not sure, you can use my contact form to ask me whether or not I’d like to receive an article on a specific topic you may have in mind.
  • If you need to quote sources, please link to them. This doesn’t mean however, that you can link to your own blogs, nor that you can use affiliate links in your article. Please don’t, because we are both going to waste our time. I don’t accept self-promotional or affiliate marketing articles. But if you mention the results of a medical study, for instance, it would be great to give a link, so readers see where we got that information from.
  • Article length: I don’t want to limit your creativity. If you can give an awesome life hack in three sentences and a photo, please do it. However, keep in mind that if you don’t have such an amazing trick to write about, your article should have at least 400-500 words.
  • Author box: please include a few words about you and about your most representative website. Include a link to your website, if you wish, this one is going to be published. As we want to stay in line with the Google webmaster guidelines, these links won’t pass PR. However, you’ll benefit from good exposure, as All Tips and Tricks receives about 25,000 visitors per month. If you want, it would be nice to include a photo of yours to be published in your author box section.

What you can expect:

  • It’s my decision what articles get published. If I reject your article, I’ll write you a short message to let you know, but that would be all. I’m sorry, there’s simply no time for details, I hope you understand that and you don’t mind. Please don’t take it personally. Publish your article on your blog or on some well-known article directories and you’ll still benefit from the time you invested in writing it.
  • Depending on how many articles I get in the week you send yours, your article may go online in a few days or in a few weeks. All Tips and Tricks is not my only website, I’m not making a full time living out of it, so I need to do some other work as well to put bread and butter on the table.
  • I might edit your article. I won’t change the meaning of your words, but I’ll edit the grammar and wording if I find that appropriate. I don’t have the time to discuss such edits with you, so you need to know and agree with this from the very beginning.
  • Money: no, you can’t expect to make money from your articles. 


I don’t accept anymore guest articles for the time being. I’ll let you know when the situation changes.