Last Updated on April 20, 2020

If you are like I used to be until not so long ago, you don’t worry too much about your computer getting infected with spyware, viruses, trojans, malware or any other malicious software, if they don’t visibly interfere with your work. It’s true that sometimes you may notice the computer slowing down, becoming more and more sluggish, but you’d be tempted to think it’s a fault of Windows. Is this true? Well, I had to find out the hard way that one should keep the computer free from spyware and similar programs: I woke up one day to all my websites being hacked and infected with malware. Moreover, a few sites of my clients’ were also infected, despite the fact that they were on separate hosting accounts. So, it was not the hosting company’s fault, as I initially believed. Actually, the only link between those attacked websites was that I was using an ftp client in my computer to update them. As I researched the issue, I discovered that my PC was infected with a keylogger, a malicious script that stole my ftp passwords as I was typing them, then logged into my accounts and added those bad pieces of code to my sites.

I was lucky to have fresh backups for almost all sites, therefore installing them from clean was just a matter of time. Please don’t ask me how much time, though…

Anyway, after getting the problem fixed, with all sites up and running again, I started to investigate possible options for keeping my PC protected against such things for the future. I found one good free malware remover compatible with Windows XP and Vista, which I’m still using to this day. However, free comes with some drawbacks, one of them being that it doesn’t offer active protection. I need to update it manually and remember to periodically scan my computer to see if it was infected since the last scan. That’s OK, but there are times when I forget to do this, so I’m considering buying some anti-spyware that updates itself automatically and offers active security guard, so I can take that of my mind.

SpyZooka: 100% Guaranteed Spyware Removal

SpyZooka attracted my attention, not only because of the recommendations they’ve got from prestigious computer experts and publications, but because of their 100% guaranteed spyware removal offer. Basically, they claim that if SpyZooka can’t remove any piece of spyware from your computer, the Blue Penguin specialists will give you a free updated version which does. Basically, they promise to include your hard-to-remove spyware in their work, so that they release an update of ZpyZooka that fixes your problem. As they are members of the Better Business Bureau (BBB), I think they are trustworthy, as this means they’ve already proven they are able to solve customer complaints if any.

SpyZooka Anti Spyware Features:

  • Computer immunization
  • Daily updates
  • Free customer support
  • Powerful spyware destroying robot that finds new spyware threats before they become a mass problem
  • Automated advanced features
  • 60 days money back guarantee

If any of you wants to find out if their computer has been infected with spyware, you can do that for free with SpyZooka. The spyware detection scan is free, but removal is not. Anyway, at least you can see if your computer is clean or not. The free detector is not an online application, you’ll need to download and install it by clicking on the green button below:

Free Spyware Scan

You may suspect your computer is infected with spyware or malware in any of the following cases:

  • Popup windows open without any possible reason
  • The browser has been hijacked, which means that you type a URL in the address bar, but you’re taken elsewhere
  • The browser’s home page changes by itself
  • New browser toolbars are installed without your knowledge
  • Some keys don’t work anymore

These are only a few symptoms that may indicate a spyware infection. Anyway, keep in mind that you should never click on any popup window that may appear promising you that you’ll get rid of malware if you install whatever it says in there. Those are fake antimalware programs which would infect your computer, then ask you to pay a fee to get them removed.

For those of you who think of buying SpyZooka, I’d say that you first go for the free PC scan. Then, you’ll be able to upgrade to the paid version directly from the user dashboard, in case you consider it helpful for your situation. However, if you are convinced and want to buy SpyZooka now, here’s the link: buy SpyZooka single computer license. If you buy from my link I’ll be getting a small incentive from Blue Penguin Software, but you’ll also get a discount of 10%. In order to claim your discount, use the coupon code SPY10 in your shopping cart.