Last Updated on April 20, 2020

Inspiration museMany great artists from al times had a muse which served as source of inspiration and creativity. A lot of today’s artists still do. But is inspiration a need only for art creators? What about common people, you or me, or your next door neighbor? What inspired you when you cooked that great dinner that amazed your family? What was your source of inspiration when you decorated your home in such a tasteful and cosy way? What inspires you to keep writing your blog?

With this last phrase, you are invited to join a new group writing project: “Sources of Inspiration”, hosted by InspirationBit.
My inspiration sources are described below. I’m looking forward to read your entries, and get some more sources to keep the inspiration flow growing.

1. Internal dialogue

For a moment, just try to shut down your connections with the outside world: close your eyes and ears, and shift your attention towards your mind. Do you hear the dialogue you’re having with yourself? What are you saying? Take a snapshot of an idea, write it down and start thinking consciously about it. Now you see how important that thought was to you? Do you see how easy it is to write about things that really matter? This is why I sometimes write about love and friendship, or about places I’ve been, or about feelings and choices.

2. Surmounted challenges

Think backwards in time, and try to pick a moment, let’s say, from your teens. What comes to your mind? A common day or a milestone? The typical wake-up – go to school – play – eat – watch TV – sleep day, or that amazing moment when you … (please fill in the blanks and you’ll see my point). This is why I write about using macros in MS Excel, or about WordPress tricks.

3. Poetry

I’m sure you all have read books that made a difference in your life. Paragraphs that kept you awake and thinking for a whole night are now forgotten. All you are left with is the wisdom and the feeling that they contributed to changing your life, which is actually quite a big deal. Yet, poetry was invented for the human mind to be able to remember those bits of inspiration, across the wisdom of different ages.

4. Love

You may now say that this is a cliché. Maybe it is, but who cares about that, when being in love makes everything brighter?

5. Children

Watch children playing. Do you see how serious they are? How they just do things that cross their minds, without any sign of procrastination? At what moment in life do we learn to procrastinate so well? Can’t we just skip that lesson that’s so hard to unlearn afterwards?

6. Interaction

Be it that I read your blog, or I read the comments you leave here, interaction always ignites the inspiration spark.

What do you think? What are your inspiration sources? Tell us about your muse!